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Aug 3, 2016

The PYP and Learning at St Peter's

There are three things that are essential for me as the Head of School when it comes to what happens here at St Peter’s.

There are three things that are essential for me as the Head of School when it comes to what happens here at St Peter’s. Our school must focus on learning, on students and on Jesus. Historically, we have achieved much in all of these areas and we look forward to promoting ongoing improvements in all of these areas.
As we work with the Ministry Staff at Campbelltown Anglican Churches with our chapel programmes, we consider the best links with our Scripture/ Christian Living Programmes and constantly ask how this impacts on other areas of study. For us at St Peter’s, the Bible must be considered in all that we do.
This also links closely with the importance of relationship when it comes to our focus on children. Our students are known, are cared for and are challenged to be the best that they can be. I am delighted most when I see a student improve, gain confidence and achieve something they previously haven’t been able to achieve.
Our focus on Jesus and our focus on students has promoted us to consider not only what we learn, but how we learn it. Throughout last term, the school has outlined in various means, it’s consideration of the implementation of the International Baccalaureate, Primary Years Programme (PYP). We have had many conversations with parents about this possibility, seeking to clarify questions and concerns about this possibility. We have also shared with many parents who have expressed excitement about the potential implementation of this framework for learning. 

The Schools’ Council unanimously endorsed moving forward with the implementation of the PYP. This paves the way for the school to make an application for candidacy with the International Baccalaureate. We anticipate this occurring in the coming months and our acceptance being confirmed later this year.
I wish to express my thankfulness for the way those parents seeking clarification and assurances have positively engaged with the school on this matter. As this determination has now been made, we look forward to continuing to provide information for parents and carers about the gradual and considered implementation of the framework. We have much to be excited about when a school is focused on Jesus, on students and on learning.

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