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Mar 17, 2017

Skills for Learning

As a primary aged student, I remember the Friday test.

As a primary aged student, I remember the Friday test. The quiz, the 10 quick questions that teachers used to assess knowledge and understanding. Whilst a quiz like this still has a place, the knowledge this quiz displays isn’t the only thing on the minds of teachers today. The skills needed to apply knowledge, to discover, investigate and unpack problems, issues and questions, are essential.
Another benefit of us implementing the PYP, is how teachers consider the many and varied skills students need in this day and age to be effective lifelong learners. Whilst good teachers unpack skills on a regular basis, the PYP framework allows us to ensure we are effectively teaching, exploring and utilising skills as part of the learning journey.
Over the next 5 weeks, I’ll outline to various skills that form such a crucial part of learning.
Social skills
Accepting responsibility
Taking on and completing tasks in an appropriate manner; being willing to assume a share of the responsibility.
Resolving conflict
Listening carefully to others; compromising; reacting reasonably to the situation; accepting responsibility appropriately; being fair.
Respecting others
Listening sensitively to others; making decisions based on fairness and equality; recognizing that others’ beliefs, viewpoints, religions and ideas may differ from one’s own; stating one’s opinion without hurting others. 

Working cooperatively in a group; being courteous to others; sharing materials; taking turns.
Group decision-making
Listening to others; discussing ideas; asking questions; working towards and obtaining consensus.
Adopting a variety of group roles
Understanding what behaviour is appropriate in a given situation and acting accordingly; being a leader in some circumstances, a follower in others.

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