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Jun 9, 2017

Why are camps so important?

As Year 5 dragged their suitcases across the front of the school on Tuesday morning

As Year 5 dragged their suitcases across the front of the school on Tuesday morning, there was a mixed bag of emotions, and I’m not talking about the Year 5 students. Naturally, there were some butterflies in some of our students and I am particularly grateful that the staff work above and beyond to ensure our students are well looked after and feel at home with our staff. More often than not, it is parents who feel emotional about leaving their children. I have had many conversations with parents who question the school policy requiring all students to attend camps.
Camps are vital as part of our overall educational offerings at the school. They provide connection to the units of inquiry being explored in the classroom, connection with other students and challenge in activities that aren’t usually part of the normal activities that students undertake. Relationships with staff are strengthened and improved and students live as part of a larger ‘family’ over the 4 days of the camp.
Our students learn by doing. They contribute to the operations of the camp, they support and encourage one another and they build on skills learned on previous camps. They clarify their thoughts, ask questions and grow in themselves.

Despite the butterflies, students return, being grateful for the opportunities and the challenges they have encountered. We continue to review the offerings of our camping programme and their important links to the units of inquiry being undertaken in the classroom.
Welcome home, Year 5! We look forward to hearing of your adventures.

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