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Apr 13, 2018

So What!

Teaching our students the importance of doing something with our learning.

At our Whole School Assembly on Monday, I spoke with students about the importance of doing something with our learning. Too often, the impression of learning can be that what you are learning is something that will never be used again. Some mathematical concepts usually fall victim to this summation. But here at St Peter’s, as a school, we are keen to ensure our students are prepared for life and are actively pursuing authorisation as an IB World School. We want our students to ask ‘so what’? I’ve learned about History, so what? What can I do as a result of my new knowledge? I’ve learned how to use a device to communicate with someone. So what? What will I do with this new skill?

Action is one of the five (5) essential elements of the PYP and one that we want to encourage and celebrate as a learning community. Action can be a nothing, or it can be a something. Students, and indeed adults, can choose to do nothing with their learning, or they can choose to do something. Our choices come with consequences and the consequence can be both positive and negative for ourselves and for others.

Last week, Year 6 ran a Bake Sale as a result of their Unit of Inquiry on natural disasters. The region of Tathra on the far South Coast was devastated by bushfires and Year 6 decided to do ‘something’ with this learning. They ran a cake stall and raised $757.10, to be sent to the Archbishop’s appeal for Tathra.

Something, in this situation, was better than nothing. 

Action, can be as simple as a smile, to make someone feel welcome. It can be putting yourself out, asking a question, writing a letter. It doesn’t have to be big and doesn’t have to involve fundraising. We want students to take authentic and purposeful action to make our world a better place. After all, as a Christian community, this is what Jesus would have done.

I commend all of our students on an excellent term of learning in our community. Enjoy the opportunity of rest and relax over the term break and I look forward to seeing and working alongside you in Term 2.

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