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Values & Mission

Values & Mission

St Peter’s will strive to provide an inspiring, nurturing and dynamic learning environment, underpinned by Christian faith and with a focus on a strong academic curriculum.

Life through Christ.

We seek to achieve the following goals
  • Appoint exemplary Christian classroom and specialist teachers.
  • Pursue academic excellence.
  • Promote in students a love of learning, pride in their individual and collective achievement, and a strong work ethic.
  • Encourage students to fully extend their skills and talents, and to constantly challenge the limits of their abilities.
  • Develop superior skills and knowledge in information technology.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop a high level of proficiency in Sport, Debating, Public Speaking and Creative and Performing Arts.
  • Commit to a nurturing system of pastoral care that is dedicated to the support of individual students and their families.
  • Develop in students a strong sense of service to others and to the community.

We encourage all our students to
  • Develop an understanding of the Gospel message and the impact of serving God in their lives.
  • Develop their full intellectual, social and physical abilities.
  • Think critically and creatively.
  • Develop enthusiasm and respect for learning.
  • Show respect for and courtesy towards others.
  • Learn the value of working together.
  • Learn to appreciate the importance of service to others.
  • Show initiative and develop qualities of leadership within the school and wider community.
  • Develop a global perspective and the ability to adapt to change.
  • Appreciate the joy of living in a spirit of thankfulness to God.
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