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Sep 19, 2016

High Expectations – Foundational Skills

One of the most important areas of a teacher's practice is that of reflection.

One of the most important areas of a teachers practice is that of reflection. The ability to look back at what has happened and ask:
- What worked well?
- What could be better?
- Did I cater to all student needs?
Reflection and evaluation are critical areas of our school and our staff engage in this regularly and purposefully.
The teaching staff have been reflecting throughout this year on the important foundational skills, the basics and how these can continue to be taught effectively throughout the school years. The review of our documentation and how this is dispersed, how staff are supported in delivering the schools expectations, is happening. This constant reflection, to ensure we are minimising the chances of foundational skills slipping through the cracks, is happening.
Our Senior Leadership Team are involved in the regular review of teaching programmes, bookwork and assessment schedules. Our Learning Enhancement Team work alongside class teachers in assisting students who are missing important skills or need more structured support.
We continue to receive glowing reports from local high schools about how well our students are prepared for secondary school.

 This is certainly pleasing, but not something we can expect without constant review, reflection and evaluation. We don’t get everything right, but we seek to be constantly improving, taking each step forward to provide the very best learning for every student here at St Peter’s. 

That’s why high expectations matter.

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