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Music Groups

Choral groups
St Peter’s Anglican Primary School offers three Choirs for our students to partake in: Year 2 Choir, Middle Primary Choir (Years 3 and 4) and Senior Choir (Years 5 and 6). These Choirs are not auditioned and are open to any student.

Our School also has a Vocal Ensemble available only to our Senior Primary students (Years 5 and 6). This ensemble is an enrichment group for students who would benefit from the opportunity to further develop their musicianship through singing. The ensemble sings complex repertoires for young voices and focuses on developing musical interpretations of songs. This ensemble is auditioned and only accepts a limited number of students who must meet the audition requirements.
Our Choirs and Vocal Ensemble have various performance opportunities throughout the year. Some events include Grandparents Day, IPSHA Music Festival, our Spring Fair, and school assemblies.

St Peter's Anglican Primary School has a Music and Movement group (M & Ms) which allows students from Year 3 and 4 to create sounds and learn to play music using their voices, bodies and various percussion instruments. Students develop and refine their performance skills, build on their musical knowledge and experiences, whilst enjoying making music together.

Our School also offers two Stomp Bands (Boys' Stomp and Girls' Stomp) for students in Years 5 and 6. As Percussion Ensembles, these groups focus on creating, writing, and then playing rhythms using various everyday objects and their bodies, rather than Percussion instruments. These groups challenge our student’s ideas of what music is and think outside the box of how music can be made without using instruments.

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