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Intumbane Partnership

In 2009, we established a strong link with Intumbane Primary School in KawaZula Natal, South Africa.  Initially, our school community raised sufficient funds to install a water tank and pump for Intumbane Primary School.
There is now a permanent water supply for classrooms and the gardens that provide a food source for needy families, including over 60 orphans.
Over the years, students and staff have continued to share stories through pen pal letters and via the internet using a number of donated laptops.
Our school has had the privilege of being involved in a variety of fundraising opportunities.  We have purchased seeds and garden supplies, assisted in providing money to build their school library, and in recent times have supported Intumbane by raising funds to aid the employment of a VBLS (values based life skills) counsellor.
St Peter’s Intumbane Partnership has been a real blessing to both our schools.
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