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Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care of children attending St Peter’s Anglican Primary school is a shared responsibility between the school and the community. Teachers endeavour to create a culture of student engagement and responsibility where all children are aware of appropriate behaviours and choices. They work with students in their care and in partnership with parents. Communication is a vital element that can be used in conjunction with the student diary, or by phone or personal contact.

Grade coordinators also support class teachers in fulfilling their responsibilities, offering assistance in student welfare matters. Consultation with relevant personnel, Mrs Michelle McDonnell (Director of Junior Primary), Mrs Nerida Hadfield (Coordinator of Middle Primary) or Mrs Kiera Parata (Coordinator of Senior Primary) is also available as needed.

Our School engages the internal support of a school counsellor, working with relevant students who have been referred. St Peter's also works collaboratively with external professional agencies to support students and families with specific needs.
In all situations, we consider each case individually. Our desire is always to maintain a restorative justice approach. 

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