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How to Enrol

How to Enrol at St Peter’s Anglican Primary School

Step 1
The first step to enrolling at St Peter’s Anglican Primary School is to complete the School's Application Form. The Application Form must be accompanied by a $50.00 application fee. The application fee is non-refundable.

Download your application form here

Submitting the Application Form will place you on the application waiting list for the chosen year of entry. It does not guarantee your child a place at St Peter’s Anglican Primary School. Places are offered to students after completing the following steps and are dependent on the number of places available in each year level. 

Please click here to check which year your child should apply to enrol in based on their date of birth.
* Please note some overseas school systems differ in their age / grade organisation.

Step 2
Approximately 1 year before the required year of entry, parents will be contacted by our Admissions Team. If parents wish to continue the enrolment process, they will be invited to attend an enrolment interview with the Head of School.  If possible, both parents should attend but at least one parent and the student need to be present for the interview.
After the interview your child may be offered a place at St Peter’s Anglican Primary School and a formal letter of offer and enrolment form will be posted to you. You will be given a time period in which to consider the offer.

Step 3
To accept the offer you will need to return the completed Enrolment Form and pay the required enrolment fee. The enrolment fee for Prep to Year 6 is $700.  This is a non-refundable fee, payable by the date nominated in the formal letter of offer. If the fee is not received by the due date, the application may be cancelled.

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