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St Peter’s Anglican Primary School recognises that the primary years are foundational for preparing our students to become lifelong learners. We see the spiritual development of each child as essential to a purposeful education so we provide a Christian education and encourage our students to live out the Christian message through following the example of Jesus in serving others.
The School Curriculum includes the six Learning Areas (LA’s) prescribed by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA): English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Human Society and Its Environment (History and Geography, implementation through 2017), Creative and Practical Arts and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.
Teaching & learning programmes are developed using these documents which clearly prescribe the outcomes and content that students should learn during their school life. Prep programmes utilise the Early Years Learning Framework as well as incorporating aspects of the LA’s to ensure a smooth transition to Kindergarten through play-based learning.

Curriculum/Teaching and Learning
Curriculum defines the learning pathway students embark. It shapes the way we teach and assess, and is structured to cater to the individual learning needs of our students. Curriculum exceeds the academic development of students to also include the development of their emotional, social and spiritual well being. It also allows them opportunities to learn about and navigate the world around them within a safe environment. We desire to foster the curiosity of our learners through an inquiry framework, developing students who are problem solvers and risk takers, ready to face an unknown future world.

Teachers at St Peter’s Anglican Primary School are devoted to creating meaningful and engaging teaching and learning experiences that continually build on the foundational skills students require to achieve success. Lessons are delivered in a differentiated manner, ensuring all student learning needs are met by accommodating their individual learning preferences. Learning enhancement programmes are in place to further support and extend student learning.

Literacy skills are crucial for student engagement and understanding within all areas of the curriculum. We aim to provide a structured, sequential literature-rich learning environment, where students are empowered to understand and use language effectively. Literacy extension classes are provided for students in Years 3 - 6 who require extension in this area.

Numeracy skills are utilised in every aspect of daily life and are a vital area of instruction within our curriculum. We endeavour to produce confident and creative mathematicians, with a sound understanding of the skills required to work mathematically. Mathematics is taught in ability-based groups from Year 2 onwards to enhance the differentiated approach to teaching.

Specialist teachers work with all students, from Prep - Year Six, in providing authentic Music education, Languages (German and French), Physical Education and Technology Skills.

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