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  • 23Nov 2017
    Prep Orientation

    Prep 2018 have had a great time at their Orientation this week.

  • 20Nov 2017
    Music Festival

    What a fabulous night had celebrating the talents of our students at our annual Music Festival.

  • 17Nov 2017
    2019 Scholarships

    Academic, Music & All Rounder Two Year Scholarships are on offer for students in Year 5, 2019.

  • 27Oct 2017
    St Peter's Turns 35!

    What a wonderful week the St Peter’s community has had celebrating and giving thanks for our school’s 35th birthday.

  • 25Oct 2017
    Prep 2018 'Story & Play' Sessions

    An opportunity for your child to meet fellow students, read a story and play, while you get to know other parents cover a coffee.

  • 09Jun 2017
    Annual Public Speaking Competition

    On Thursday, 15 June we will be holding our Public Speaking Competition.

  • 05Jun 2017
    Mad Hatter’s Crazy Hat Day and Tea Party

    We are holding a Mad Hatter’s “Crazy Hat Day and Tea Party” on Friday 16 June.

  • 02Jun 2017
    Buy Alice in Wonderland tickets now!

    St Peter's Anglican Primary School is proud to present Alice in Wonderland Jr.

  • 01Jun 2017
    Alice in Wonderland Costume requirements

    All students have been busily preparing for our school musical

  • 19May 2017
    P&F Trivia Night

    Start organising your tables for the annual P&F Trivia Night to be held on Friday, 2 June.

  • 16May 2017
    P&F Entertainment Memberships

    The new 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Book

  • 31Mar 2017
    ANZAC Day March

    On Monday, 25 April, ANZAC DAY, St Peter’s staff and students have been invited to participate in the ANZAC Day March.

  • 31Mar 2017
    Whole School Easter Chapel

    Next Tuesday, 4 April at 9.00 am, we will join together as a school for our first Whole School Chapel of the year.

  • 24Mar 2017
    ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (Whole Day Rehearsal)

    On Thursday, 6 April, the Musical cast will be involved in a whole day rehearsal

  • 22Mar 2017
    Winter Uniform Changeover: School Shop Opening Hours

    As of Wednesday, 26 April, students will be required to wear their Full Winter Uniform.

  • 17Mar 2017
    Premier's Reading Challenge

    It has been exciting to see the positive response to the Google Form Registration for the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year.

  • 16Mar 2017
    Training Band

    Applications to join the Band Programme are now being considered for students in Years 3 to 6.

  • 15Mar 2017
    Harmony Day

    To celebrate Harmony Day, the students will be celebrating our cultural diversity by holding International Day, held on Tuesday, 21 March.

  • 24Feb 2017
    2018 Prep and Kindergarten Information Night

    We warmly invite you to attend our 2018 Prep and Kindergarten Information Evening on Thursday, 9 March at 6.00 pm in our School Hall.

  • 24Feb 2017
    Parent Teacher Interviews

    Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Monday, 6 March

  • 17Feb 2017
    P & F Meeting 28 February

    Our first P&F meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday, 28 February at 7.00 pm in the Library.

  • 17Feb 2017
    Swimming Carnival

    We could not have asked for a better day for our annual St Peter’s Anglican Primary School Swimming Carnival.

  • 03Feb 2017
    International Baccalaureate PYP

    During the vacation period, we received confirmation from the International Baccalaureate

  • 02Feb 2017
    Meet the Teacher & Community Dinner

    Our Meet the Teacher and Community Dinner is planned for Monday, 6 February at 5.00 pm.

  • 01Feb 2017
    Parent Prayer Group

    Please come and join Miss Leanne Burns, Senior Assistant Minister from St Peter's Anglican Church

  • 06Dec 2016
    School Shop/School Office Opening Hours

    The School Shop will be open during the holidays

  • 02Dec 2016
    Campbelltown Anglican Schools’ Tennis Shield

    On Thursday, 24 November the winners and runner’s up of the St Peter’s Annual Tennis Competition

  • 01Dec 2016
    Scholarships 2018

    St Peter's Anglican Primary School Scholarships 2018

  • 31Oct 2016
    Open Day at St Peter's Day 15 November 2016

    We know that our best advertising is the word of mouth

  • 29Oct 2016
    Junior Primary Sports Carnival

    Our Junior Primary Sports Carnival will take place this Friday, 4 November.

  • 28Oct 2016
    Walkathon Monday, 7 November

    On Monday, 7 November, St Peter's will be holding our Crazy Colour House Walkathon.

  • 12Oct 2016
    Whole School Service

    Please note that our Whole School Service for 2016 will be held at The Cube, 20-22 Camden Road, Campbelltown on Monday, 17 October from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.

  • 19Sep 2016
    St Peter’s Cup Soccer Gala Day

    Monday, 12 September saw the first annual running of the St Peter’s Cup

  • 19Sep 2016
    A successful Spring Fair

    Our Spring Fair Saturday was such a beautiful day.

  • 14Sep 2016
    Parental Polygots Focus on French!

    After a successful German Programme for Parents in Semester 1

  • 13Sep 2016
    Option to Pay 2017 Fees in Advance

    Families have the option to pay the Annual Fees

  • 12Sep 2016
    Intumbane Week

    To hear Miss Bongi speak with our students about the poverty

  • 07Sep 2016
    Books for Bongi

    We are once again raising funds for Bongi to purchase books for the Intumbane Library.

  • 29Aug 2016
    Spring Fair!

    In just a few short weeks, our Spring Fair will be upon us and I’m certainly looking forward to a wonderful day of connection and community as our students enjoy the many and varied opportunities throughout the day.

  • 29Aug 2016
    Miss Bongi Is coming!

    We look forward to welcoming Miss Bongi next weekend as she arrives in Australia to spend some time with us, strengthening the partnership between Intumbane School in South Africa and St Peter’s.

  • 26Aug 2016
    Thank you

    We wish to acknowledge and thank the many parents who assisted with afternoon tea following Angelina's funeral.

  • 08Aug 2016
    2016 School Photo Days

    There will be two photo days held this term. Please refer to our Uniform Booklet for correct attire on these days.

  • 08Aug 2016
    House Colour Olympic Day

    On Wednesday, 10 August we will be holding our House Colour Olympic Day.

  • 03Aug 2016
    Book Week Parade

    We will be holding a Book Week Parade on Thursday, 25 August at 9.15 am.

  • 02Aug 2016
    Intumbane Slipper Day

    On Monday, 8 August, we will be holding our annual Intumbane Slipper Day.

  • 25Jul 2016
    Winter Festival

    The Winter Festival is back at St Peter's for 2016!

  • 20Jun 2016
    Public Speaking Evening

    On Thursday, 30 June we will be holding our annual Public Speaking Evening.

  • 20Jun 2016
    Pink and White Mufti Day

    Well done to the entire school community for your generosity and support of this special mufti day.

  • 30May 2016
    The PYP

    St Peter’s Anglican Primary School has an excellent academic reputation and this is something that we want to enhance and build upon for all students.

  • 30May 2016
    Camp Quality Puppet Vsit

    On Friday, 10 June Camp Quality will be presenting a puppet play to all our K - 6 students.

  • 09May 2016
    A Vision for Learning

    On Wednesday, 25 May, Senior Staff will be presenting A Vision for the Future here at St Peter’s.

  • 06May 2016
    House Colour Day

    On Thursday, 26 May (Week 5) we will be having a House Colour Day.

  • 02May 2016
    2016 St Peter's Athletics Carnival

    The Athletics Carnival will be held on Wednesday, 4 May.

  • 29Apr 2016
    Mother's Day Stall

    The Mother’s Day Stall will take place on Friday, 6 May. Prep Kangaroos and Koalas will have the opportunity to buy on Tuesday, 3 May.

  • 29Mar 2016
    Term 2 Winter Uniform

    As of Wednesday, 27 April, students will be required to wear their Full Winter Uniform.

  • 24Mar 2016
    Premier's Reading Challenge

    All Students have brought home a letter this past week informing parents that the 2016 Premier’s Reading Challenge is about to begin.

  • 14Mar 2016
    Whole School Easter Chapel

    On Tuesday, 22 March, we will be holding a Whole School Easter Chapel in the School Hall from 9.00 – 9.30 am.

  • 14Mar 2016
    International Day

    On Monday, 21 March, we will be holding “International Day” at school.

  • 07Mar 2016
    Water Fun Days

    Kindergarten, Year 1 and all Prep classes will enjoy a Water Fun Day this week.

  • 04Mar 2016
    IPSHA Swimming

    The ISPHA Swimming Carnival was held on Wednesday, 2 March at the Homebush Aquatic Centre.

  • 05Feb 2016
    House Update

    There was great excitement on Monday, 1 February when students in Years 1- 6 were allocated their new Houses.

  • 01Feb 2016
    Welcome back!

    Welcome back to all members of the St Peter's Anglican Primary School Community.

  • 17Nov 2015
    Scholarships 2017

    St Peter's Anglican Primary School Scholarships 2017 are available to new entry students and those currently enrolled in our school in Year 4, 2016.

  • 04Nov 2015
    Pupil Free Days

    Thursday, 12 November and Friday, 13 November are pupil free days.

  • 28Oct 2015
    Seussical the Musical tickets on sale now!

    Seussical is a fantastical, magical, musical extravaganza!

  • 28Oct 2015
    Fisher's Ghost Parade

    Our school community will once again be involved in the Fisher's Ghost Parade.

  • 07Oct 2015
    Welcome to Term 4!

    Welcome back to what is one of the busiest and most exciting terms in the life of the school.

  • 07Oct 2015
    Colin Buchanan

    Colin Buchanan is coming to St Peter's!

  • 06Oct 2015
    Football Development League

    Kindergarten – Year 2 Football Development League is starting Week 2, Monday, 12 October. Years 3 – 6 Football Development League is starting Week 2, Thursday, 15 October.

  • 08Sep 2015
    Spring Fair

    This Saturday, our school comes alive with carnival rides, market stalls, an animal farm and a reptile show and all the fun of our annual Spring Fair!

  • 03Sep 2015
    Suessical Art Explosion Day

    Our staff are planning an Seussical Art Explosion day on Thursday, 10 September.

  • 12Aug 2015
    Congratulations to our Public Speakers!

    On Tuesday, 11 August our Public Speaking Finalists competed in the school hall amongst family and friends.

  • 05Aug 2015
    Book Character Parade

    As a celebration of reading, we will be holding a Book Week Parade on Thursday, 27 August at 9.30am on the soccer field (green area) of the Prep playground.

  • 04Aug 2015
    Football Development League

    The Kindergarten to Year 2 Football Development League is starting on Monday, 17 August 2015.

  • 02Aug 2015
    Public Speaking Evening

    The 2015 Public Speaking Evening will be held on Tuesday, 11 August in the School Hall.

  • 30Jun 2015
    Winter Festival

    We look forward to welcoming all students back to school on Monday, 20 July, for the commencement of Term 3.

  • 26Jun 2015
    Crazy Colour House Walkathon

    On Thursday, 30 July, St Peter's students will participate in our Crazy Colour House Walkathon.

  • 20May 2015
    Reconciliation Week

    Reconciliation Week is celebrated across Australia each year between 27 May and 3 June.

  • 18May 2015
    GRIP (Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity, People) Leadership Conference

    Over 500 student leaders joined together on Friday, 15 May at Wollongong University to discuss the opportunities they have to make an impact on others in their school environment.

  • 11May 2015
    2015 Primary Athletics Carnival

    We were extremely fortunate that our Athletics Carnival was rescheduled and we were blessed with a beautiful, sunny day.

  • 02Apr 2015
    St Peter's Football Development League

    St Peter's Anglican Primary School is pleased to be launching our Football Development League.

  • 23Mar 2015
    Grandparents' Day 2015

    Last Thursday, 19 March was an amazing day in the life of our school.

  • 15Mar 2015
    Year 6 Student Leadership Retreat

    Our Year 6 Student Leaders enjoyed a Leadership Retreat to further develop their Leadership skills.

  • 04Feb 2015
    2015 Swimming Carnival

    Monday 9 February 2015 at The Gordon Fetterplace Aquatic Centre, Bradbury. Commences at 9am. Click for more details.

  • 12Jan 2015
    Looking forward to 2015!

    Our school is alive when students are here and we look forward to them returning at the end of the month.


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