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House Update

House Update

There was great excitement on Monday, 1 February when students in Years 1- 6 were allocated their new Houses. As announced at the end of 2015, we have reviewed our House structure to ensure that we are giving students the opportunity to gain the most benefit possible from these groups, including social and emotional learning, working together as a team and participating in sporting and other competitions. Students met with their House teachers and participated in a variety of “getting to know you” activities, made up House cheers, and one House even decided on a secret handshake!
On Tuesday, Year 6 met their Kindergarten buddies. The Kinder / Year 6 buddies are students from the same house. They had a lovely time getting to know one another and playing together for a short time. Kindergarten certainly enjoyed meeting their bigger friends and we think Year 6 enjoyed it as much, if not more.
Year 6 also participated in elections for House captains. We would like to congratulate the following students:
Argyle House Captain: Aden M.
Vice Captain: Stevie S.

Bligh House Captain: Reijeli R.
Vice Captain: Bridie L.

Cook House Captain: Amala A.
Vice Captain: Manoj W.

Cumberland House Captain: Marvin R.
Vice Captain: Lauren M.

Durham House Captain: Reagan S.
Vice Captain: Kyce D.

Roxburgh House Captain: Blake W.
Vice Captain: Jasmine P.

These House leaders will be inducted at the first Primary Assembly in Week 4.


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