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String Orchestra

St.Peter's offers three String Orchestras - Training Strings, Junior Strings and Senior Strings. Similar to our band programme, students receive weekly group tuition to support their developing skills.

Training Strings students start with the very basics of learning a stringed instrument, including correct posture, bowing and string identification. They learn how different sounds may be produced and begin to read simple music notation to perform as a group.

Junior Strings students continue to build on these skills, by learning to follow a conductor and play different harmonies. They learn the importance of staying in time, and listening to each other in order to perform a piece of music effectively.

Senior Strings students are challenged with complex repertoire. They continue to refine their skills in playing as part of an ensemble. Our Senior Strings group has performed at the Sydney Eisteddfod, as well as for a number of school functions.

Miss Chin is our Strings Conductor and would be delighted to speak with you about the possibility of joining this programme.

Fees for 2020

Training Strings tuition - $62 per term
Junior & Senior Strings tuition - $62 per term
Instrument Hire - $55 per term